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Diet S Pro

1.99 usd

This app won’t give you the shapes of your dreams, it will only help you calculate and offer daily intake of calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The app is strongly recommended to people who want to change their shapes, ESPECIALLY to athletes who train in GYMS!
This application is for you if:
- You don’t know how to calculate the daily intake of nutrients;
- You know how to calculate it, but want the nutrients calculation to take considerably less time and effort;
- You want to come to grips with your body;
- You want to monitor changes in your body weight;
- You want to monitor changes and the results of their efforts;
- You forget to eat on time.
Now you won’t have to make a recalculation of intake of nutrients every day, depending on changes in your data – weight, age, diet and so on – the app will do it automatically!
The app will remind you of eating time!
The most recent and most accurate scientific data and formulas are used for calculations and recommendations!
Be careful: You will need to add many products on your own, because the nutrient content in food is often dependent on the manufacturer! For the same reason, it is possible to modify the products that are already in the app.